Watercress - 2/05

Watercress is a restaurant in the Mission area in San Francisco.  My Aunt from New York discovered it originally and now all of my friends knows about it.  The word is out.... 

 The restaurant features a prix-fixed three-course dinner for a very reasonable price, consisting of one appetizer, one entree, and one dessert,  all of which are chosen from the large main a la carte menu.. What a deal! Especially when you consider the quality of the food and the artistically arranged servings. And the desserts are just wonderful

Since our reservation is not until 8:00/8:15Pm, I invited everyone  to drop by our house to have cocktail and appetizers first.

Ha,Doan, Me, Mai-Ly, Hanh and Huyen enjoying a glass of champagne.

All of us mingling in the kitchen area.


The men....Phuc, Trung, Thuan, Thomas, Joseph  and Tuan


Since the kids are not going with us, we fed them KFC (per Kevin's Nguyen request).

Here we have Jason, Justin (could be Ryan), Kevin Vu, Ludo, Lea, Ryan (could be Justin) and Kevin ready to attack their meals.

PS: I can't tell the twins apart :-)


The Restaurant

Phuc is with us so we had a taste of the best wine in the restaurant.  Even our waiter (French guy) had a few glasses of wine with us.  He was very impressed with Phuc's wine selection.


Oh no!  They are bringing out a cake for my belated birthday..


Surrounded by the babes...It is also Phuc's birthday!

Happy Birthday Phuc!


Watercress restaurant is located @
1152 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA  94113

415 648-6000

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