Seattle 8/06



Day 3 (Saturday)- Biking


 Today, the Blue Angels come to town for a day of exhibition.  It is quite the Seattle tradition, it is called the SeaFair. People gathered around Lake Washington to see the Blue Angels performed their aerial Maneuvers. 

 Craig and Dana organized a bike trip for the kids so the kids can see the Blue Angels close up.  They are headed to a friend's house on lake front.  The trip is about 10 miles each way.  

Hanna and her friend, Kevin, Maddy (back) an Jeffrey.

10:00am We stopped by the Kinzer's to bring some donuts for the kids.


Maddy ready to go...

Last pose before taking off...



As they took off by bike, we drove behind them and took some pictures.



Emily and Kevin zooming by next to our car..



Again we met up with the gang for our last dinner in Seattle.  We walked down to the pier and had reservation at a very good restaurant but they could not sit us until 9:00AM.  We had to wait for about 2 hours so we decided to walked down a little further and end up at Ivar's (the gang dinned there last night) for appetizers and some drinks.  We ended up staying and eating there because it was convenient.

Later in the evening, we met up with Craig and Simon.  They took Kevin and Austin to a W... and had to drop him off.

Craig told us that Ivar is the worst Sea food restaurant (no wonder we got a seat pretty quickly).  Craig told us that Ivar is the same as Mac Donald.  Local folk would never eat there if they want sea food.  What can I say...we were hungry?  :-)

We all had a good laugh. 


We flew home the next day and the gang stayed in Seattle until 5:00PM.

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