Wood Tavern, Oakland, 02/3/20178

Tonight Minh and Loan are taking us to Wood Tavern in North Oakland for my birthday.

Wood Tavern been around for over a decade and it is still as popular as the day it opened its door. Reservation is still hard to come by so make to plan at least a month a ahead to get a table here. Loan called like a month ahead to get a table for 4. 


Our reservation was at 8:00PM but we arrived around 7:30PM and they were able to accommodate us right away.


As soon as you walk in there is a huge bar with dim lighting and right away the place emanate warmth and comfort.


At 7:30Pm and the place was packed and the bar was also full of people.


Next to bar is large open kitchen.


Wood tables, wooden chairs, are set up really close with barely any room to move around.

Casual atmosphere with a good vibe.



Loan and I

Wine list and Food Menu


The table set up is very simple.


Minh brought a bottle of wine for the occasion...


Side car cocktail for Hoa- 2 thumps up!

Minh ordered a Manhattan, also excellent


The side car came with an extra shooter glass so Loan and I we got to taste it a bit-way too strong for us.


For appetizer with ordered the Butcher block with House made Pistachio Mortadella, Mushroom shallot duck rilettes (top left), foie gras torchon (top center), whiskey laced chicken liver pâté and (top next to the bread).

The chicken liver mousse enhanced with whiskey and served with a stack of warm croutons, mustard and fruit chutney was so satisfying.

Actually the whole butcher block was delicious, and you can't go wrong with Foie gras torchon when it is well made.


Pea tender & arugula Salad, Frisee, breakfast radish, pine nuts, Yogurt champagne vinaigrette.

Very fresh and goes well with the butcher block.


Grilled double-cut pork chop, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Butter Beans, Collard Greens, Pink Lady Apples, Masala cream sauce.

The pork chop was so moist and nicely cooked but it was served in a pool of sauce... There is no reason to drown the pork chop in the sauce.  Next time, just order with the sauce on the side.


Strozzapreti pasta, Lamb & pork sugo, Taggiasca olives, lemon gremolata, chili flakes, Pecorino sauce.

The pasta was homemade and it was excellent, the sauce was flavorful and it was a successful dish.


Pan roasted half chicken, Fingerling potatoes, grilled Radicchio, Spinach, Garlic confit, Bread crumbs, Lemon-rosemary jus.

The half chicken was dwarfed on the large plate with a pool of lemon rosemary jus- the presentation here is too messy.

The chicken, propped on a pile of fingerling potatoes and grilled radicchio, had a good flavor but I wish they did not drown the chicken in the sauce. 


The portion her is huge so we were able to sample all the dishes.


Pan seared Grouper, Fennel-Saffron Puree, Roasted Chioggia Beets, Cauliflower, Blood orange Pan sauce.

The fish was cooked properly and the dish was nicely presented.


The coconut blood orange chiffon cake looked like a miniature birthday cake, frosted with white chocolate pastry cream with a fresh blueberries in the center.

Excellent cake!


Wood Tavern is upscale in terms of prices, huge portion, great casual ambiance, and you will feel welcome in jeans or a suit.  Service was silky smooth, and never obtrusive.  I tried so many times to reserve a table here but I never planned a month ahead, so I am glad Minh and Loan took us here! We had a very good meal and above all we had very good company!

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