Celebrating Phuc's Birthday at the Table - 2/2/13

The Table

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Tonight we all have rendez vous at The Table to celebrate Phuc's birthday without his knowledge! We are trying to sneak in a surprise party for Phuc.  Maily led Phuc to believe that she is taking them (Phuc/Huyen/Spencer) out for an intimate dinner just between the two families.  Of course Huyen is in cahoots with the whole plan just so that the plan will run smoothly.  After accepting Maily's invitation Phuc was thrilled to try a new restaurant and went online to check out their menu and discovered that The Table have bone marrow on their menu which is for Phuc the next best thing after foie gras!

Reservation was made at 7:45PM and we all planned to arrive 15 minutes early so that when Phuc walks in we can all scream "SURPRISE"

7:30PM here we are at the Table!

 The table is best described as a more casual with and urban feel neighborhood-style restaurant, big enough to accommodate about 50 seats.

The table is located  downtown Willow Glen on Willow Street across from Lincoln

That's Hoa on the left walking in the restaurant.

This what you see when you walk in the restaurant.

A full bar is located and the far end and the open kitchen is on the left.


The first feeling you get is a very cozy and friendly atmosphere.

The Table has high ceilings, exposed duct work, a few abstract paintings and wall murals of a giant pear and a huge wine bottle (next to the bar).  At night, dim lighting and candle light make the dining room feels very intimate, inviting and it does emanate a friendly and casual atmosphere.


Giant white circular lamps shade adorn the naked ceiling.


The bar


Open concept kitchen so everybody can see the action in the kitchen.

The dinning is dimly lit and in contrast the kitchen is fully lit with sparkling stainless steel equipment.

Very affordable menu so that people can go out and eat more often.

Nowadays Luxury is out and the new trend is simple and affordable. The latest restaurant trend is the 'gastro bistro' which calls for a more relaxed ambiance a with emphasis on good food at affordable prices and in a warm bistro atmosphere and this is exactly what The Table is.


Close look at the appetizer menu.

As you can Phuc was in heaven when he saw the roasted bone marrow on the menu!



The menu is fairly small with an emphasis on contemporary American fare and local ingredients.

The dinner menu is seasonally focused with just four main dishes and the addition of a burger and with a slightly longer selection list of appetizers and shared plates.


All the tables are made with reclaimed wood and I though they really stand out in the dinning room.


When Phuc walked in, we yeld: "SURPRISE" in unison and he was really surprise to see all of us there.  Remember, he only expected Maily and Tuan for dinner and here we are occupying the largest table in the restaurant. 

As Phuc was sitting down I thought it was a bit unusual that he did not bring any wine! Phuc brings wine all the time so No Wine today for his birthday? 

Stay tune!


Here we are looking at the menu!

Our waitress giving her recommendation on the menu.

Maily and Tuan

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