Stonesal, Shanghai- 6/3/3023

Stonesal is an upscale steakhouse located on Donghu Road and listed under Michelin's guide. Opened in late 2017 right when American beef imports were re-legalized.

Chef owner Ling is a culinary veteran with 20 years of experience, opened Stonesal in 2017 specializing in quality U.S. and Australian steaks house-aged in the Himalayan salt chamber next to the kitchen. Top picks include USDA prime T-bone from Creekstone Farm and M9+ Wagyu from Mayura Station Farm on the Limestone Coast in South Australia.

Stonesal, the abbreviation of stone salt, refers to the mineral salt extracted from the 600-meter deep mine in the Himalayas. Its extremely high purity and decreasing output over time, and enhance the flavor of the dry-aged steaks featured in the restaurant.


The entrance with stairs leading to the 2nd floor. 


The restaurant is on the 2nd floor.


Awards plaques hanging on the wall.


As soon as you walk in it is a huge and beautiful room with dark brown wood furniture and dimly lit.


We got a table next to the large window over looking the street.


View of the room from our table


Very nice ambiance.


Special table in the patio with red roses petals.  It is special request by a customer.


Large open kitchen at the far end.


They have two expeditors for quality control.


Chefs cooking in the kitchen.


Busy kitchen


Huge Himalayan salt chamber for dry age beef.  If you look carefully you can see salt blocks in the back of the chamber.


Stonesal was the first restaurant in Shanghai to dry age their beef in house.


View of the bar from the opposite side of the room.


Gorgeous bar.


Hoa selecting wine.


Table set up.


Flowers on our table.


The menu.  We selected the 2.2lb USA Prime Bone-in Rib-eye steak


Bread and butter to start...


The sommelier pouring our wine.




For appetizer we ordered the grilled octopus with root beet mayonnaise and balsamic reduction sauce


We were surprised to see that the portion is this big.  The octopus was perfectly cooked. 


Cheers to a very good start.



The 2nd appetizer is a fried dry age beef with melon.


This dish is an homage to Jamon ham but here the chef is using dry age beef cut thinly and quickly fried.  Lots of flavors and it is paired with a sweet melon.

It is delicious but I still like Jamon ham better.   


Munching and drinking while waiting for our steak to arrive.  The white and black salt are very important as we are encouraged to sprinkle it on our steak.


We our ordered our rib-eye medium rare and that's exactly what we got.


The Rib eye is served with Portobello mushrooms.


It has been a while since we had a good steak so this is really a treat!


We ate abouty half of the steak and we took home the remaining.  Just too much meat to finish in one seating.


We also ordered a portion of French fries with truffles.  The French fries were to die for. 


Crunchy French fires with soft interior and the truffles were also a great addition.

Table set up for desserts.


Crème brulee


Beautiful presentation and also so good.


We had a very good meal at Stonesal!  Great ambiance in a beautiful dinning room. The service was excellent and very attentive.  There are a least 3 waiters rotating and pouring our wine when our glass was almost empty and they were also very friendly and helpful.  All the food we had tonight were very good.  We will back again to try the Australian beef.



2/F, 9 Donghu lu

Xuhui district, Shanghai

Tel: 5465 1765


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