Bordeaux-4/10- 4/13/2016

Dinner a L'estacade-4/10/2016

L'Estacade is a French restaurant located in Bordeaux, sitting on the right bank on the Garonne river.  Built on a platform, sitting on stills, with large panoramic windows over looking the Place de la bourse (the Stock exchange building) on the other side of the river.


The restaurant is quite a walk from public transportation. The entrance is located on the side of the restaurant.

Walking in the restaurant.

This is a very nice restaurant with cozy wooden table, dim lighting, with great view of the left bank.


The Menu

Amuse bouche, avocado mousse with ham compliment of the house.


Loan, Emmy, Annie, Hoa, Chi Be, Loan, Minh, Stephane, Ngan, and Ning


This table was supposed to be for 8 people but we told our waiter that we did not want to move and it will fit our group of 11.


View from our table of place the bourse on the other side of the river.

Stephane was in charged of the wine and he ordered two bottles of red wine for our table.


Both wine pretty decent!


Magret de canard entier , purée de patates douces - Whole Moulard duck breast, sweet potatoes puree - 25€

One of the specialty in Bordeaux is Duck and the restaurant highly recommended the Duck breast.   It turned out to be the beast duck we ever tasted.

Highly recommended!  Minh and Hoa still talk about this dish!


Pavé de morue fraiche ,frites de panisse et aïoli -Cod Fish, sweet potatoes French fries, and aioli- 25€


This the special of the night- Monk fish with quinoa in a creamy sauce-28€

Loan said it was just okay.


Filet d'esturgeon en écailles de magret séché ,lentilles vertes et foie frais poêlé- Surgeon with dried duck breast thinly cut, green lentils, with pan seared foie gras-26€

I ordered this dish and I really like it.  The Surgeon was meaty, fresh, and everything in this dish are perfect together.


Tournedos de filet de boeuf, pommes de terre écrasées au foie gras - Beef Tournedos with smashed potatoes with foie gras -25€

I did not get to taste it but it looks delicious!

Ris de veau poêlés, polenta crémeuse à la mascarpone-Pan-seared sweetbread, morille, creamy polenta with mascarpone- 26€

Stephane enjoyed this dish.  I got a chance to taste it and it was very creamy, rich and had a very nice texture.


Stephane and Ngan made the reservation at L'Estacade for the whole group.  They have been here before, enjoyed the food and wanted to take us here to share the experience.

We all enjoyed the food, the ambiance, and it was a very good choice.   Big thanks to Stephane and Ngan for treating us to an excellent meal.

We also have desserts but forgot to take pictures, too much wine ..... 

If you are stopping in Bordeaux, give it a try.



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