Celebrating Hoa's birthday at Mastro's in Costa Mesa, Ca- 5/19/12

Mastro's Steakhouse Seafood Cove #2

Day 2 - Seafood cove #2 in Garden Grove, Ca

Tonight we are celebrating Hoa's birthday part II with the kids.  Since Kevin was not available on Friday Hoa wanted to spend an evening with him so we decided to invite everyone for a feast at Seafood cove 2 restaurant located in Garden Grove, Ca. 

Seafood Grove is located in a shopping mall on the 2nd floor. 

They have two locations and this one is the newest one and it is a lot bigger and cleaner!

Tonight they have a wedding banquet and only a small portion of the restaurant was available for regular guests.  We requested two tables so we wait a bit for them to set them up.


While they are setting up our table, all of us were waiting in the waiting area.



My cousin Lan Huong is a jewelry fanatic so she brought a few items for us to check it out.

Hanh is trying on a necklace while Tuan is inspecting it!


Here we are all checking out Lan Huong's jewelry!



On the food;

Vietnamese Canh chua hot pot. The soup was excellent!

Vinh removing the bone from the fried Fish with Nuoc Mam

Table overview with lots of food!


Fried fish with Nuoc Mam (fish sauce)


The kids' table!

We drove down just to spend a little with them. 

Catlynn, Vu, Lea, Ludo, and Kevin


Kevin re-arranging the food....


Julian, Alyssa and Tina.

Julian goes to college in River side and drove about 40 minutes just to see his parents and have dinner with all of us.


The kids' table filled with food!


Salt and pepper lobster

House special lobster


Close look at the house special lobster.





Clams in basil with black beans sauce.


Salt and pepper shrimps


Kevin's and Tina's favorite dish: Fried tofu with two types of dipping sauce.



Honey walnut shrimps is Lea's favorite dish.


Peking Duck

Using the bone and meat left over from Peking duck to generate a separate dish by sautéed the meat with scallions and ginger.

Sea food cove is a restaurant we usually stop by to eat when we are in Orange county.  The food is pretty good and they are really reasonably priced.


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