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Tiger tea cakes- Tigrés 10/10/09

The only thing that's the least bit tigerish about these irresistible butter and almond tea cakes is their light chocolate stripping which is a result of folding chopped chocolate into the batter just before popping the cakes into the oven.  Tigrés (meaning Tiger in French) is a simple cake sometimes it can be topped with a squiggle of chocolate ganache and sometimes it is not.  These little cakes are perfect for a snack.  They are rich, buttery, moist and taste almost like a pound cake but they are beautiful to look at.  Here I added a raspberry on top of each cake to make it even more striking looking.

I decorated the top of the Tigrés with two different patterns.  for the first pattern, I dipped the top to the cakes and submerged them half way with a chocolate ganache and for the second pattern I just drizzles the chocolate ganache in a zigzag pattern and then topped on the cakes with a fresh raspberry.

Here I left out the raspberries and drizzle the plate with some melted chocolate!

Today is Kevin's 16th Birthday and I baked a batch of Madeleines, a batch of Cannelés de bordeaux and a batch of Tigrés. All these desserts are bit size because I wanted everyone to sample a piece of all the desserts.


Preparation work..

 Beating 6 large egg whites just to break them

Then ground almond, flour, corn syrup, and sugar are added to the batter.

Mixing all the ingredients together...

...until the batter is smooth and then the batter has to be refrigerated for at least 2 hours or overnight.

After 2 hours the batter is removed from the refrigerator and melted butter is added to the batter.

Mixing all the butter to the batter until the batter is smooth.

Adding chopped chocolate chips to the batter

Spooning the batter into mini muffin molds.

Freshly out of the oven. 

When the cakes are cooled off, they are dipped into a chocolate ganache...

and then they are rested on a cooler rack until the chocolate ganache is set.

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