Street of Paris 

-   St.Eustache 

-   Pantheon

-   Louvre

St. Emilion

-   Chateau

-   Dinner @ Chateau


-   Wine Tasting

Carcasonne Aubenas Troyes


-   Covent Market



My brother Charles and his family live in Troyes which is located about 150 kilometers (about 100 miles) from Paris.  We stopped by to see him one afternoon.  We wanted to stay at least the whole day there  but we just could not fit in our schedule, so we settled for just a few hours together.

The famous "Ruelle des Chats" (Cats' alley) was named that way because roof tops are so close together thus, allowing cats to jump from roof to roof. Note the walls are tilted so they have to insert metal bars between buildings to stop it from leaning over.  

Most of the house were re- built in the 1530 after a huge fire that burn down the whole city.  This type of architecture is called "Columbage", built mostly with beautiful wood and a special grayish product is applied on the wood so it can last for centuries to come.


All of these building are classified historical so therefore people can not tear them down or remodel the facade.  However, the can fix it, but they have the original Columbage look. 

Downtown Troyes


My brother and I right after parking our cars.

My sister in law - Xinh

Hoa borrowed my uncle "Renault 5", it is a tiny car.


Alexandre new car....pretty cool!

He got it for his 16th Birthday.


Christopher, Alexandre and Kevin


The kids were waiting for me and Xinh to come back with crepes.

The crepes booth is just behind Kevin and Alexandre.

Down town Troyes

Group picture: Charles, Chrisopher, Xinh, Kevin, me and Alexandre.


Next we are headded back to Paris to go to a dinner party and then the next morning we are headed to London


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