Two days in Los Angeles

Dinner at Belcampo Comedy Theatre Mother's day

Mother's day in L.A - 5/8/2016

For Mother's day Kevin picked République, a very popular restaurant located in Los Angeles. République opened its doors in December of 2013 and since has appeared on many ‘best-of’ lists, and was awarded Los Angeles Magazine’s ‘Best New Restaurant’ inr 2014. Upon graduation, Chef Manzke moved to Los Angeles to work with Joachim Splichal, where he began to develop his signature style. After two and a half years, Manzke left Los Angeles to work in some of the most renowned kitchens in Europe, including Alain Ducasse and El Bulli. In 1996, Manzke returned to Los Angeles and spent six and a half years at Patina where he received a three-star review from the Los Angeles Times and met his future wife Margarita. He earned his third three-star review from the Los Angeles Times and was named a “Rising Star” by Star Chefs.

Review from L.A. Weekly

It’s quite a trick that Walter and Margarita Manzke have pulled off at République, a kind of sophisticated elasticity that allows the restaurant to be whatever you need at any given moment. The ambition of the husband-and-wife chef team was to create a modern restaurant that served many functions: as sunny cafe and bakery for breakfast and lunch, a neighborhood spot for a casual dinner and a grand restaurant serving refined French, and Italian-influenced cooking of the highest caliber, and it manages to be all of these things simultaneously. The gorgeous space, carved from the courtyard and façade of the castle-like historic building that housed Campanile for more than 20 years, becomes the staging area for many kinds of meals.


The restaurant open at 9:00AM,  we got there around 8:30Am and there is already a long line.

We ended up waiting in line for about an hour to get in.

As soon as you walked in there is a long counter full of baked goods.  The place is full of people waiting patiently to be served.

I am a bit surprised that the line move very slowly even though it seems like a lot of people are working behind the counter.

They have an incredible amount of baked goods on display.

Large selection of cookies, donuts, coffee cakes, pastries. etc...

Looks amazing and everything is baked in house.

I was surprised to see that they also have canneles de Bordeaux

As soon as you pay you step into the main dinning room.  High ceiling with communal wooden tables, counter seating, etc...

Dry aged beef on display.

This the view from the back of the room looking at the front counter where the food is ordered.

After you pay, it is open seating so you can choose to sit wherever you like.

Employees making bread...I was told the bakers come in the middle of the night to bake and then leave early in the morning.
They have many shifts working in the restaurant.

One of the many kitchen inside the restaurant...

Counter with kitchen in the back


Breakfast/Brunch menu


We choose to sit at a cozy table.

Regular Breakfast sandwich: eggs (any style), bacon steak, fingerling potatoes, warm baguette.


Kim chi Fried Rice-soft egg, beef short ribs.

Hoa and I we really like it! Plus the bottom is crunch, really yummy.

Breakfast sandwich: fried egg, pork bely sausage, American cheese.


Croque Madame-house cured ham, gruyere cheese, fried egg, baby green salad.


Breakfast is served!  Portion is very generous here.


We ate pretty much everything!


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