Lunch at Mai's and Thierry's- 10/27/2015

Thierry and Toan picked up Hoa and Kevin after the race and drove them home where the whole family is waiting to congratulate them.

Hoa  was congratulated by his brother Trang.

Hoa with his 3 sisters

Mai, Cang, and Chi Be.

Kevin and Trang

Kristie, Kevin and Den.

Today Mai and her sisters are preparing a feast for the whole family.  We counted around 35 people.

We are having Lao food.  On the menu is home-made pork sausage, larb neu, bamboo shoot soup, heavenly beef, tam ma hung, egg noodles sautéed with vegetables and beef, grilled shrimps with sugar cane, etc....

Thoai and Chi Be

Thierry and Toan


Catherine and Vincent

Den and Nathalie

Kristie and Kevin

Prixa (Ham) and Anh Georges.


Cang and Hoa


Canh, Hoa, Mai

Kevin and Grand Ma

The kids having fun...


It was a glorious day, enjoying the warm of the sun and perfect occasion to catch up with everyone.



Looks like Kevin and Kristy are also having a good time.

The whole family!


Xinh and my brother joined us later in the day...


I don't get to see my brother very often so this is really nice to get together.


Xinh, Anh Georges, Cang, Charlot.

Playing poker....

Kevin, Vincent, and Toan


Apparently Prixa (Ham) played in a tournament that was televised in France.  Prixa ended winning 1st place and won 1,700 Euros.


Prixa looked professional in this picture but at home he ended  losing to Hoa and Kevin.  We teased him so much that he got beaten by two Americans.

Hoa and Kevin ended cleaning up everybody that evening.



Den, Tutu, Canh, Hoa, Chi Be, Catherine, and Mai standing in the back.


We also celebrated Chi Be Birthday!

Happy Birthday Chi Be!




Our house


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