Palm Desert 4/2005 

Aerial view of the Marriott Resort in Palm Desert. 

Located about 13 miles from Palm Spring.  The resort has two championship golf courses, just paradise for a golfer. 


Kevin in the lobby of the resort


View from inside the lobby looking out to the water.


From inside the lobby, you can either walk to a bunch of restaurants or you can take these tiny boats...the ride is probably less than 5 minutes long. 


Tennis court on grass like Wimbledon.  All we are missing are players.

Hanh and I we went shopping in a trendy shopping center downtown Palm Spring.

Yep!  it is pretty green considering we are in a Desert! It is usually very hot in April but this year been a very wet year for them.   We lucked out, the weather was very pleasant  around 70+/80 degrees.


Dinning at a nice French restaurant.


On our way home, a multitude of wind mills were lining up the side of the fee-way for miles.  

Wind Mills come in different sizes and it was pretty sight to see them turning on a windy day.


We stopped for lunch at Jack in the box for a quick lunch.

Kevin, Justin and Ryan enjoying their drinks before heading home...



Our house


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