3 Days in New York City-2-6 to 2/8/2022

Day 1

Per Se restaurant

8 course Dinner

Day 2

Ringing bell at Nasdaq

Chelsea Market

Dinner at Ivan Ramen

Day 3

The High Line

Lunch/Walking around

St. Patrick Cathedral

Day 3 cont.

Stroll in New York City

Dinner at Estela

Per Se, New York-2/6/2022

We are in New York City for 3 days!  My company Synaptics received the honor of ringing the bell at Nasdaq for their 20th anniversary and tonight we are celebrating the special event at Per Se restaurant with my colleagues and their spouses.

Broadway as usual is full of people and the well illuminated with giants billboards.


We are now inside The shops at Columbus Circle.

Sculpture of Adam, the 12-foot-tall sculptures is the work of Colombian artist Fernando Botero, famous worldwide for his corpulent figures. When they built and decorated this amazing collection of restaurants, shops and entertainment, they may not have known they were also creating a tourist attraction. But they did.


Sculpture of Eve

Just ask some of the 16 million people that traverse The Shops at Columbus Circle every year.  There are many who can’t seem to walk by the larger-than-life statues, towering naked in the lobby, without a pat, a feel, a grab or a touch.


View from the 2nd floor.


Per Se is located on the 4th floor inside the Shops a Columbus Circle.

There is a pation/garden before entering the main restaurant.


We are now in the patio looking at the entrance.


We have a private room for 40 people located very close to the entrance but since we have a few minutes, Hoa is walking into the main dinning room to take a few pictures.

Hall way leading to the main dinning room.


This area is called the Lounge which is adjacent to main dinning room where guests can order cocktails while waiting for their table.


View of Columbus circle from the window of the dinning room.


Entrance to the main dinning room ,


The main dinning room


We are now back in the patio waiting for all the guests to arrive.


Champagne is being pour to greet our group.


One of the server pouring champagne.




Champagne is ready!


Before entering the private room we are gathering in the patio for drinks and appetizers first.

Spouses and adults kids are invited to this event and our group is about 45 people.


Canapés are passed around.


Lots of conversations...


We are all very happy to be here to celebrate the event.


Michael in a middle of a conversation...


Joelle and me on the left.  On the right with Michael and Hoa.


We are now in the private room. 


People are mingling before sitting down for dinner.


Sitting down for dinner.


Our table.


Menu with Synaptics's logo



NEXT.... 8 course Dinner




Our house


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