Hanh's birthday   

and Cocktail Party at the Vu's- 12/30/05 


The evening started out with a birthday celebration for Hanh's a Manresa and then the second stop is at the  Vu's Holiday party.

We are celebration Hanh's brithday at Manresa in Los Gatos for Hanh's 21st Birthday!

The food is influenced by French and modern Catalan cooking.  We had a wonderful 3 course dinner.














Our waiter was pretty attentive to our conversation because he found out it was Hanh's birthday and brought out a nice cookies dish just for the birthday girl!.

Happy Birthday Hanh! 



Part 2-Cocktail Party at the Vu's



The party came with an open bar and a Trio Jazz Band. This party was dubbed the Party of the year!


Tuan, Tung, Duy and Dong at the bar.


Ngoc, Huyen, Me and Doan enjoying our first cocktail of the evening.


Ha, Huyen, Doan and Tuyen-Anh 



Tuan and Trung seems to have a good very good time here.


Maily and Carol


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