My 28th birthday (2/1988)    

The year was 1988.   Wow! It seems like a lifetime ago.  It was actually 15 years ago!  Just to put things into retrospective, Cellular phone, Digital Camera and Scanner, did not existed yet.  Only a few of us had e-mail and those who do have e-mail are folks who worked for a hi-tech company.  Now, Let’s fast forward to the present…  2003. Do you know anybody who does not owe a cellular phone these days?  Cellular phones are such a big part of our life that it is almost inconceivable not to have one.  In 1988, if I wanted to shares these pictures, all of us would have to get together to see the regular pictures.  thanks to technology, all I have to do is scanned the pictures, put them on the web, sent out a couple of e-mails et voila, mission accomplished...


Here is the birthday cake, Suzy is trying to light it up with the help of Mai.


Lan Anh, Hanh, Mai, Me, Suzie and Ha


Blowing the cake

Hanh, Mai, Suzie, Me and Ha



Looks like we are in a lively conversation especially  Anh Huy.

Dang! We all looked so young then... 


My, Dung and Lan Anh

The feast has began...


The girls enjoying our "Che" sweet Asian dessert.


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